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Engineer - HVAC

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As a person you are passionate about people, business, IKEA’s purpose and continuously driving better performance. You are energized by increasing customer value, driving business growth and contributing to overall success and results through people as well as motivated by leading and developing people.
For this role we believe you have an Academic degree in engineering or equivalent several years of experience in contracting and/or consulting and/or owners role involving construction projects. Experience within the retail sector is an advantage. Ability to communicate confidently and clearly in English. Preferable knowledge of Ingka construction standards and investment procedures

• Prior work experience as HVAC Systems Engineer is must. Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
• Relevant and appropriate experience of more than 15 years as a mechanical engineer within building services
• Experience of working in multi-D environment and good understanding of co-ordination and interfaces with other disciplines.
• Able to independently deliver work and integrate with larger project teams.
• Able to define the architecture, the functionalities of the Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning systems
• Responsible for Requirement management for HVAC systems scope and ensuring internal stakeholders & external suppliers’ compliance in line with IKEA requirements and standards
• Lead & organize Design reviews as per project/Tender milestones and get necessary approvals for design release.
• Collaborate with other functional groups to manage requirements and provide inputs for interfacing with Software, electrical and mechanical groups.
• Deploy and apply development procedures and milestones into the design and development of HVAC systems.
• Coordinate with all other disciplines and improve inter-discipline working with other disciplines such as Architecture, Civil and Structural.
• Project management: Knowledge of how to initiate, plan, execute, control and close a project.
• Construction management: Knowledge of how to initiate, plan, organize, execute and manage the construction of Ingka properties according to the latest Ingka standards
• Design management: Knowledge on setting up, organisation, management and follow-up the design of Ingka properties throughout the project development
• Technical Due Diligence: Knowledge of Due Diligence methods and tools on technical evaluation, cost evaluation and risk assessment
• Sustainable construction and building performance: Knowledge of principles of energy, water, emissions and waste management in a construction project in order to keep the environmental impact to a minimum; included the knowledge of energy modelling and life cycle cost evaluation.
• Construction materials and engineering solutions: Knowledge of different construction materials and engineering solutions, suitability in accordance with price, functionality, durability and otherwise pros and cons
• Software relevant for Construction: Knowledge of tools for timeline management (e.g. MS Project), document management (e.g CAD manual, Projectplace, Hummingbird), design management (e.g. AutoCad for 2D or Revit, Navisworks fro 3D), and other common software (e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point)
• Cost control: Knowledge of how to implement a budget starting from the Land IR, till the final cost estimate and later on the CFU (Cost Follow Up); included the knowledge of appropriate tools, Cost Groups, cost benchmarking and how to recognize and prevent any deviation
• Permission process: Knowledge of local and national authority permission process in regards to design and construction activities throughout the project development, included the knowledge of processes, ways of working, rules etc.
• Construction market, development & trends: Knowledge of the local and national construction standards, codes and rules, including their cost drivers and structures.
• Construction HSE (Health, Safety and Environment): Knowledge of how to create a safe construction site and environment for all the site people that is compliant with IKEA Way of Working (IWAY) and national safety and environment standards.
• Property safety: Knowledge of requirements (company specific and local/national) in providing a structurally safe property, equipped with life safety & property protection systems (e.g. fire protection systems)
• Quality management in construction: Knowledge of internal requirements, methods and tools to set up and secure quality during design and construction work throughout the project development and during the warranty period (post-project)
• Construction contracts and legal issues: Knowledge of Ingka and local construction and design contract types, with their relevant attachment, included a basic knowledge of the most common legal issues and claims, throughout the project development and during the warranty period (post-project).


Lead and coordinate one or several key competence areas within Engineering and Lead Solutions/Innovations for PPP within competence area in Ingka to deliver safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solutions. Provide guidance, support, documentation, training, minimum requirements, best practices and alternatives.

• Work within one or several key competence areas of Engineering, coordinate and document the work to develop, implement and maintain standards, guidelines, methods, tools, technical solutions, systems, sustainability best practise and innovation to ensure delivery of safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solutions that meet the needs of the business and the many people.
• Develop the engineering competence in Ingka in cooperation with relevant stakeholders and supporting functions in order to achieve the Real Estate scope.
• Contribute actively to the development in how to engage with designers in order to continuously find cost efficient and innovative design process by optimizing the delivery of our partners and stakeholder’s competence and knowledge into the project design. Work and engage closely with Construction Project Delivery co-workers to optimize, innovate and develop the best for project methods for design-construct interaction. Lead and guide the implementation in the Clusters.
• Lead and coordinate within one or several of the Key competence areas within Engineering developed by Group Real Estate and align implementation and communication of those activities towards the matrix. The current key competence areas include:

1. Structural and Architectural Design
2. Fire and Risk Engineering
3. HVAC Systems and Energy Modelling
4. Electrical Systems
5. LCC calculations
6. Technical Solutions and Innovations for PPP & BREEAM
7. Design Management: Procurement, Development and Coordination

• Responsible for leading and coordinating within assigned key competence area(s), the delivery of training content learning solutions and tools with the general purpose of developing the overall construction competence in Ingka in cooperation with relevant stakeholders and supporting functions to identify learnings, thereby improving in-house knowledge, and the performance on subsequent projects.
• Create an environment where the IKEA culture is a strong and living reality that embraces the diversity of co-workers and customers.
• Within competence area lead the work and co-ordinate with internal stakeholders to ensure that specifications, standards, manuals etc. relating to Engineering and Lead Solutions/Innovations for PPP are consistent with other Ingka documentation, correctly reflects current business needs and are implemented in the cluster Real Estate organisations.
• Support cluster organisation with questions related to Engineering in the projects, in context of each cluster organisation having direct responsibility for executing its business within the frameworks developed by Group Real Estate.


As engaged, open minded and curious experts in all parts of the real estate business we take responsibility for the real estate business at Ingka Group as a trustworthy, appreciated and wanted business partner. We secure new and maintain existing physical locations in order to meet the needs of the many people. We provide strategic insight based on our knowledge and understanding of the real estate portfolio in Ingka. We take the lead in delivering safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solutions – with Democratic design and life cycle cost on top of our mind. We actively maintain and secure that our properties are kept in relevant shape for the business