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Supply Operations Developer

Shanghai, China - Дослідити розташуванн Логістика та Ланцюг постачання Повна зайнятість

Опис вакансії

Company description

Supply Chain Operations (SCO) connects our customers with IKEA products in a simple, affordable and sustainable way. SCO delivers excellent transport and logistic solutions today, tomorrow and over time by (a) optimizing replenishment solutions (b) defining physical goods flow capacity needs (c) sourcing and developing transport & logistics capacities (d) managing the goods flow (e) leading & securing supply quality.

Job description

The purpose of the job is to secure excellence in total Supply Chain operational performance, and its further development, in close cooperation and alignment with all relevant supply chain stakeholders; contributing to reaching customer perceived availability at the lowest total cost (considering impacts of quality, safety, service performance, sustainability and other supply chain costs securing optimal replenishment solution).

  • Logistical ("flow") performance: Secure logistical operational performance from end-to-end perspective as it is defined by respective set of KPIs/PIs (e.g. OTD, EQU, loading times); within given geographical scope. Follow-up and implement actions within existing and new delivery solutions.
  • Stakeholder management: Align with supply chain stakeholders to secure logistical operational performance, as well as create preconditions for smooth and efficient Supply Operations. Act on deviations to the plan (e.g. priorisation and cancellation of orders) together with our partners and secure the communication flow.
  • New optimised replenishment solutions: Lead their implementation (e.g. new routes) in alignment with relevant stakeholders and in close cooperation with Service Provider Operations Developers. Follow-up and adjust Lead Times based on OTD performance.
  • Constraints and limitations: Identify & define constraints together with internal stakeholders (e.g. loading plan at supplier) to secure preconditions for efficient supply operations and, in general, wished level of logistical performance throughout the year. Follow-up on the compliance of our stakeholders and secure the execution of market-relevant plans (e.g. local activities) in connection with the MOF.
  • Continuous Improvements: Validate and optimise sending and receiving capabilities (e.g. Slot Management) as a link between all supply chain stakeholders. Change, maintain and continuously improve replenishment solutions. Act upon fluctuations to avoid performance disruptions and increased total cost. Propose new logistical set-up to support logistics cost development. Identifies and proposes volume consolidation opportunities and mid-receiver needs. Collaborate with Category Area Teams; support logistic development in new sourcing countries.
  • Deviation Handling: Contribute to the Market Operational Forums, support in constraint situations and ERPs in case of corrective actions need. Secure right information on constraints and availabilityimpact to our supply chain stakeholders.
  • Development: Support the development of internal working methods and deviation the operational requirements and secure they are captured in the right documentation (e.g. Delivery Handbook).



  • University degree in logistics, economics, business administration or relevant working experience.
  • Good knowledge of functions within IKEA Supply Chain and how they contribute to the process.
  • Good Knowledge of Supply Chain Management and Logistics.
  • Advanced level of calculation methods and analysis tools.
  • Experience in implementation of decided concepts, working methods and tools.
  • Good knowledge about logistical performance indicators and their main key drivers.
  • Good presentation and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of relevant tools and working methods in the Supply Chain.
  • Computer skills and high proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Fluent in English.


  • Leading and steering
  •  Supporting and cooperating
  • Analysing and interpreting
  • Capability to build external and internal relationships.
  • Capability to build fact-based business cases in close cooperation with relevant stakeholders and find win-win-solutions within the supply chain.


  • The IKEA values reflect personal values
  • Enjoy interacting with many different people and networks from within and outside IKEA and utilise their contribution to the goal that has been set
  • Always strive to reach business goals with a high level of energy and motivation; understanding how transport performance contributes to Democratic Design perspective.
  • Enjoy a dynamic, action oriented team environment.
  • A desire to constantly improve business performance and become better

More Information

Sources of performance indicators

  • Availability
  • Total cost development & transport cost development (as per defined KPIs)
  • Logistical operational performance (as per defined KPIs)
  • OTD Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Sustainability – IWAY, CO2 development, social agenda (as per defined direction)
  • Equipment utilisatio