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Interior Design Co-worker-IKEA Dongbusan

Busan, Busan - Дослідити розташування Дизайн інтер'єру та Візуальний мерчандайзинг Повна зайнятість

Опис вакансії

Who you are

• You have an education in interior design or architecture.
• You have a working experience at least 2 years in interior design field.
• You have creative thinking supported by commercial visual competence and a keen eye for aesthetics.
• You are actively seeking improved methods of working in a simple, lean and cost-efficient way.
• You have a practical hands-on approach to your tasks.
• You will provide home furnishing solutions that improve people’s life at home.
• You have ability to generate, visualise and present new ideas.
• You have ability to work together with others in a team.
• You are confident in approaching and communicating clearly with different people in various situations.

A day in your life with us

• You are contributing to positioning the IKEA store as the first choice for home furnishing in your local market.
• You are applying your home furnishing knowledge to ensure up-to-date room settings and other store media that exceed our visitors’ expectations.
• You are stimulating and increasing the interest for home furnishing through constantly showing new and inspiring solutions that motivate people to visit the IKEA store frequently.
• You are reflecting the IKEA Brand identity by creating visual impact in all commercial, sales support and co-worker areas.
• You will use home furnishing competence to create home furnishing solutions in room settings, homes, vignettes and
sales support areas that reflect the IKEA identity.
• You are actively contribute in the gathering of insights from home visit interviews and translating this knowledge into locally relevant, functional, aesthetic and commercial home furnishing solutions that exceed customer expectations and reflect home furnishing the IKEA way.
• You are contribute to the creation of a Showroom matrix that reflects a wide variety of styles, living situations and price
levels to create a good tempo with distinct visual impressions.
• You need to Secure high quality, simplicity, efficiency and cost consciousness when planning and implementing all range
presentation solutions using global tools and best practices.
• You will stay up to date and knowledgeable about home furnishing, retailing and trends in order to contribute in workshops to generate creative ideas.
• You contribute to the content of the department action plan with initiatives that will grow the business and support long-term profitability and execute the agreed plans together with the Com&In team and other functions.
• You respect routines and responsibilities, work together with Com&In team and other functions, act quickly to exploit commercial opportunities and understand the impact of your actions on the financial results.
• You keep visitors in mind when working on the shop floor, ensure disruption is minimised and stay aware of the importance of safety and the visual impact for visitors at all times.

Together as a team

Where others see home furnishing products, we see smart solutions to create a better everyday life. With a great deal of passion, imagination and brainstorming we turn colours, textiles and furniture into inspiring environments that excite, engage and convince IKEA visitors that they can do it too!

Questions and support? Let's connect!

For internals, please have dialog with your line manager before apply jobs. We will contact to your line manager to ask your references as part of the process.

Due to the tight timeline, invitations to interviews will most likely be sent out with short notice and we truly appreciate your cooperation & understanding for this. Some interviews may be conducted over phone or Video - Microsoft TEAMS (To reduce travel).

If you have questions regarding recruitment process, please contact to